• Branislava Stojković
  • Marija Igić Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia; Clinic of dental medicine, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia
  • Olivera Tričković Janjić Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia; Clinic of dental medicine, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia
  • Ana Igić Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia
  • Ljiljana Čemerikić Clinic of dental medicine, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia
  • Zorana Veličković Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Preventive and pediatric dentistry, Niš, Serbia
  • Simona Stojanović Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Clinic of dental medicine, Oral surgery, Niš, Serbia
  • Milica Petrović Faculty of Medicinem University of Niš, Oral medicine and periodontology, Niš, Serbia


rare disease,, children, oral health, preventive dental care


Rare diseases are chronic, life-threatening conditions that affect fewer than 5 people out of every 10,000. They involve an extremely heterogeneous group of progressive and degenerative diseases. Each of them has a distinct clinical manifestation which may include anatomical, physiological and/or neurological disorders and it can also be accompanied by changes in different parts of the body. Over 7000 rare diseases have been identified with orofacial anomalies accounting for about 15% of them. The first symptoms usually appear during the earliest childhood. In most cases, accurate diagnosis of rare diseases requires a long period of time. Consequently, therapy is complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

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Branislava Stojković

Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Nišu, Klinika za dentalnu medicinu, Služba za Preventivnu i dečju stomatologiju


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