What have we learned from covid-19 pandemic

bojko bjelakovic 2020After the battle, everybody is a general.
There is no need to point out that this crisis could have been avoided or at least its impact on public health, if preventive measures had been applied in time. We can discuss endlessly about the best approach how to organize our health system, etc. but there will be no definitive conclusions in the end.

Instead of this, we should try to find out how can all this be a good thing in our lives!

Are we forced to slow down and catch our breath?Have more quality time with the kids and family?Are we allowed to becomemore productive, in some other life domains?

Can we also becomemore satisfied persons? To be a good doctor we must take good care of ourselves!

Take advantage of COVID 19 and stay positiveand begin to love and care for yourself.

This will help not only youhandling your life, job and family but it will also help others!

Bojko Bjelakovic, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Dept. of Cardiology, Clinic of Pediatrics,
Clinical Centre – Nis, Medical Faculty, University of Nis
President of Association of Preventive Pediatrics of Serbia
Associate Editor